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Liver Systems Medicine : striving to develop non-invasive methods for diagnosing and treating NAFLD by combining mathematical modeling and biological research. LiSyM, is a multidisciplinary research network, in which molecular and cell biologists, clinical researchers, pharmacologists and experts in mathematical modeling examine the liver in its entirety. LiSyM research focuses on the metabolic liver disease non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which includes non-alcoholic steatohepatitis ...

Projects: LiSyM Core Infrastructure and Management (LiSyM-PD), LiSyM Pillar I: Early Metabolic Injury (LiSyM-EMI), LiSyM Pillar II: Chronic Liver Disease Progression (LiSyM-DP), LiSyM Pillar III: Regeneration and Repair in Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure (LiSyM-ACLF), LiSyM Pillar IV: Liver Function Diagnostics (LiSyM-LiFuDi), Model Guided Pharmacotherapy In Chronic Liver Disease (LiSyM-MGP), Molecular Steatosis - Imaging & Modeling (LiSyM-MSIM), The Hedgehog Signalling Pathway (LiSyM-JGMMS), Multi-Scale Models for Personalized Liver Function Tests (LiSyM-MM-PLF), LiSyM PALs, Project Management PTJ, LiSyM network, LiSyM Scientific Leadership Team (LiSyM-LT)

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