Integrated epigenetic map across three hepatic zones (pericentral, intermediate and periportal) of human liver

The study comprises 19 human liver biopsy donors divided into the groups normal control (NC = 7012, 7173, 7194, 7279), healthy obese (HO = 6758, 6922, 7213, 7230, 7252), bland steatosis (STEA = 6967, 7137, 7172, 7181, 7251) and early NASH (EARLY = 6610, 7041, 7157, 7188, 7344).

Hepatocytes captured by laser microdissection were obtained from three hepatic zones (pericentral, intermediate and periportal) and subjected to reduced representation bisulfite sequencing and RNA-seq resulting in 114 sequencing libraries. Liver samples were obtained intraoperatively in patients in whom an intraoperative liver biopsy was indicated on clinical grounds such as during scheduled liver resection, exclusion of liver malignancy during major oncologic surgery, or assessment of liver histology during bariatric surgery. NASH was defined by the NAFLD activity score (NAS) PMID: 15915461. Patients with evidence of viral hepatitis, hemochromatosis, or alcohol consumption greater than 20 g/day for women and 30 g/day for men were excluded.

All patients provided written informed consent. The study protocol was approved by the institutional review board (Ethikkommission der Medizinischen Fakultät der Universität Kiel, D425/07, A111/99), before study commencement.

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