Poster: Tissue scale metabolic modelling - Bulik, S. , Berndt, N. and Holzhütter, H.
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Pillar IV Jamboree
• (10 min) Introduction to Pillar IV (Hergo Holzhütter)
• (20 min) Precise Measurement of Hepatic Elasticity for Fibrosis Detection (Christian Hudert)
• (20 min) Tissue Scale Metabolic Modelling (Sascha Bulik)
• (10 min) Multi-scale models for liver function tests (Matthias König)
• (20 min) Improving the diagnostic precision of the 13C-methacetin dynamic liver function test
(LiMAx) (Tilo Wünsch)
• (20 min) Mathematical Modelling of Improved Liver Function Breath Test (Hergo Holzhütter)

Pillar IV Posters
• Improvement of the Methacetin Breath Test - Sascha Bulik, Wünsch, Th., Gajowski, R., Stockmann, M., Meierhofer, D., and Holzhütter, H.
• Tissue scale metabolic modelling - Bulik, S. , Berndt, N. and Holzhütter, H.
• Towards a better understanding of regional CYP1A2 activity distribution within the liver - Heucke N*, WuenschT, Mohr J, Klingberg O, PratschkeJ and Stockmann M
• From Single Hepatocytes to Individual Liver Function: Multi-Scale Model of Hepatic Galactose Metabolism - König M., Marchesini G. & Holzhütter HG.
• MM-PLF: Multi-scale Models for Personalized Liver Function Tests: Workflows, Data Integration, Standardization - König M.


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