Joint LiSyM & ERASysAPP Data Management PALs Meeting

This event is a jointly organized Data Management PALs Meeting that involves PALs from the German LiSyM (Liver Systems Medicine) network and from the ERASysAPP (ERA-Net for Systems Biology Applications) initiative. PALs (Project Area Liaisons) are the front line experts of the data management teams of these projects. They act as data management advocates and help gathering user requirements and testing potential data management solutions. An important part of the meeting will be to gather the user requirements from the LiSyM network and plan potential solutions. It is also the chance to get in direct contact with the data management experts and FAIRDOM/SEEK developers to discuss any data management issues.

Participation is open to every LiSyM member who is interested to join and may want to act as PAL. Experienced ERASysAPP PALs will introduce LiSyM PALs to their tasks and responsibilities. Board and lodging for all attendees will be covered. If you are interested to attend please get in contact with Martin Golebiewski (

After the PALs meeting, there will be a tutorial data management session, including hands-on training for LiSyM SEEK and FAIRDOMhub, offered on the afternoon of May 3rd. This data management tutorial is integrative part of the 1st LiSyM PostDoc and PhD student retreat.

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